Fashion luminary Vivienne Tam is set to make a historic debut at Paris Fashion Week, unveiling her Autumn-Winter 2024 collection on March 2, 2024 in Paris. This momentous event not only marks the 30th anniversary of Tam’s eponymous label but also serves as a symbolic celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between China and France.

“AMOUR 愛” is a captivating blend of neo-modern Chinese beauty and craftsmanship, delivering a powerful message of unity and mutual respect. Dragon motifs, symbolizing power and transformation, act as a bridge between China’s rich heritage and the romantic elegance of France. The collection features a diverse array of tailored suits, flowing dresses, and oversized outerwear, each piece telling a story of cultural discovery.

Designer Vivienne Tam says, “Love is a universal language spoken by all peoples channelled through the beauty of our individual cultural expressions. For me, it’s through my collections that blend my Eastern roots with my Western life, and brings my traditional values into our contemporary world.”

Sustainability takes center stage with upcycled fabrics from exquisite wedding dresses, promoting environmental consciousness in bridal gown design. The incorporation of sustainable materials and traditional handcraft techniques underscores Tam’s commitment to environmentally conscious design and heritage crafts.

The central theme of “Cultural Harmony” captures Tam’s vision of a world where diverse traditions coalesce into a unified aesthetic. As Vivienne Tam celebrates 30 years in the fashion industry, her Paris Fashion Week debut resonates as a pioneer of aesthetic fusion and a bridge between East and West.
Adding a touch of timeless romance to the collection is an exclusive collaboration with DR Diamond Ring, the “World’s First Diamond Ring Brand” under DR Corporation Limited. This collaboration seamlessly blends high-end fashion with the exquisite craftsmanship and enduring emotional value of DR Diamond Ring’s jewelry, presenting a harmonious fusion of fashion and eternal love.