Thanks to the contribution of Bulgari, work will begin on the restoration of the sculptures on the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (also known as Vittoriano), to ensure that the symbol of the Italian republic and of national history and culture will be preserved. This contribution from Bulgari confirms the strong ties with the city of Rome and its priceless heritage. This generous patronage will preserve an artistic and cultural heritage which encapsulates our national identity, ensuring that future generations throughout the world can enjoy it.

Edith Gabrielli, the Director of VIVE – Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia, announced this decision during a press conference presenting the restoration project. The press conference was held in the Sala del Refettorio in Palazzo Venezia. Also in attendance was the CEO of Bulgari Group, Jean Christophe Babin, and the art restorer, Susanna Sarmati.

The project will be entirely financed by Bulgari through the Art Bonus, guaranteeing the conservation of the sculptures on the main facade of the Vittoriano and also restore the golden finish of the bronze elements, a specific objective of the project. 

“The restoration project of the sculptures of the Vitoriano is a source of great pride for our Institute. They are works of considerable artistic, historical and also symbolic value as they embody founding values of the Risorgimento and of our Constitution. It is our fundamental duty to preserve them and enhance them, especially for future generations. This social and cultural responsibility is fully shared by Bulgar in a winning example of collaboration between the public and private sectors that can create shared value and benefit the entire community”, says Edith Gabrielli, Director of VIVE – Vittoriano and Palazzo Venezia

“The link between Bulgari and Rome is indissoluble.” says Jean Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group. “For Bulgari the Eternal City is not only the place where the brand was born 140 years ago, but it is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all the creations of the Maison. Monuments, palazzi, architecture that we admire on a daily basis and that we must preserve in honour of the History of this marvellous city. Bulgari’s commitment to the restoration of the sculptures on the Vittoriano is an honour and a duty to ensure that important works are preserved in Rome and they are made as accessible as possible to the public. We are proud to be able to contribute and to serve as an example to those who like us appreciate the infinite value of such beauty.”

Directed by Edith Gabrielli and delivered by Susanna Sarmati, the restoration project will be organised in three phases and will be completed in September 2024. The process involves the marble sculptures of the Adriatic Sea by Emilio Quadrelli, and the Tyrrhenian Sea by Pietro Canonica, the bronze sculptures of The Thinker by Giulio Monteverde and the Victories by Edoardo Rubino and Edoardo De Albertis.

In line with the efficient and productive dialogue that VIVE – Vittoriano e Palazzo Venezia has always maintained with the community, the restoration site will be an “open” site so that citizens and tourists can watch the restorers at work, climb onto scaffolding during guided tours and monitor progress on the project with a “restoration diary” that will be published each week on the Institute’s site.