Rapper Donnie and Anita Doth launch an ultimate house track in honour of the new Dutch Netflix series Dirty Lines. The song ‘Dirty Bubbles’ and the accompanying music video were produced especially for the series and appropriately take us back to the music of the 80s. It is the first time that the two artists work together. Dirty Bells’ is available on all streaming services and on YouTube from today.

Donnie: “I think it’s really cool that I got to make a track especially for the release of the new Netflix series Dirty Lines. I played with different elements from the series, the 80s and the legendary time of the ROXY. Enough inspiration to create the ultimate house track. And then I was allowed to do this with the house sensations of the time, Anita Doth and Tony Scott. A very cool experience. I really can’t wait for fans to hear the track and see the series.” 

About Dirty Lines

The story of Dirty Lines starts in 1987 in Amsterdam, a time of rapid change in Dutch society. Psychology student Marly Salomon (Joy Delima) starts a side job at a brand new company: Teledutch. The telecom company, founded by brothers Frank (Minne Koole) and Ramon Stigter (Chris Peters), is Europe’s first company in sex phone lines. Within no time, Frank and Ramon are making money like water and Marly gets completely sucked into this wild and rapid transformation.

The six-part series on the rise of sex lines in Amsterdam takes us back to the 80s, to the heyday of the RoXY and the free life full of drugs, sex and music.