Bob uit Zuid and Izzy Izzy present their new music video Leather Jacket today. It was directed by Ashley Röttjers and produced by Natwerk.

Bob has this to say about the video: “Bob uit Zuid wears a leather jacket. Period. Yarn and wool is more something for walkers. Bob Uit Zuid thinks fabrics are too sweet. Clothes that you hang on a lad or loop on a coat rack can get the lazarus. Fabric jackets you wear when you stay home. In cloth jackets you say the wrong things. With leather you don’t. Together with Izzy Izzy, rapper from Rotterdam, looks down on you and it’s great looking down with a leather jacket on. Don’t maintain it with grease, wear it off. You hear it right. Leather Jacket. Wear it.”


Bob uit Zuid is a hip-hop musician from Amsterdam. His debut album was released in early 2022 on Excelsior Recordings. Live, Bob uit Zuis plays with a band. Guitars, synths, drums and lyrics about carp fishing, writers, his own factory in the Ruhr area and Café de Bok. The new single is already a small taste of what is to come: the second album of Bob uit Zuid.