Dressing up is a performance art in its own right. With the body as canvas, it is a dance between cuts, colours and curves staged in front of the wardrobe mirror. For the Spring-Summer 2025 Pre-Collection, Victoria Beckham continues her ongoing examination of the dressing ritual, the gestures that activate it, and the private surroundings in which it takes place. Evolving this meta concept first explored in the Runway Collection, the idea is applied to the occasion wardrobe: the intimate ceremony that unfolds when dressing for evening and the interior of the boudoir that frames it. Emphasising the effortlessness at the heart of the brand, the collection amplifies the notion of clothes intricate in construction yet easy to wear.

The grain de poudre tuxedo – the heroine of formal dress-up – takes centre stage. Epitomising a black-tie notion of ‘the handsome woman’, a fitted silhouette with a square shoulder, satin shawl lapels is worn with low-cut, straight-leg trousers with an extended satin waistband. The shawl lapel further manifests in a floor-length grey wool coat. Adapting the gentleman’s smoking jacket, an oversized tailored volume softly belted at the waist is paired with voluminous double-pleat trousers with upturns. A satin-striped high-waisted trouser splices with a brassiere and creates a tuxedo combinaison, increasing the female claim to the dinner suit.

The infusion of lingerie ignites a study of the acts of the dressing ritual, layer by layer. Rendered in boudoir blush or jade nuances, fragment dresses – geometrically panelled to achieve a flattering form – are stitched together from ruffled nylon taffeta recalling the flouncy trims of bloomers, accentuated by upturned culotte hems. They conjure the atmosphere of bed and dressing rooms captured in trompe l’oeil-draped cocktail or ankle-length dresses with photo-realistic prints of bouquets of tulips resting in the mercurial folds of peach or powder-blue satin sheets, like a scene from a night to remember. Ankle-length dresses with deconstructed magnified bustiers alos echo the element of lingerie.

The nude-to-dressed notion expands in evolutions of fragment dresses constructed with nips and twists along the hip evoking the idea of draping a towel around one’s waist or positioning a fluid skirt on the body. The idea of how we style ourselves in the mirror is further explored in knitted roll-neck dresses with interlaced panels and jumpers with upstanding necklines, which allude to the gesture of holding a garment against oneself to see if it suits. Similarly, the way in which a dress twists on the body when we turn around to see our reflection from the back is freeze-framed in the contrast-coloured cuts of fine jersey dresses that elongate into scarves along the spine.

The stages of the dressing ritual come full circle in knee-length lace slip dresses, white floor-length satin dresses with lace inserts, and a black floor-length lace dress with tuxedo-esque padded shoulders and cloudlike sequin applications imitating devoré. Finally, the volumes of eveningwear and the movements with which we imbue them are projected into workwear. Infused with the spirit of glamour, cotton and nylon blousons, a quilted Japanese denim jacket-and-culotte suit with lightly padded sleeves, and a military leather skirt-suit represent the contemporary idea of filtering daywear into evening – and vice versa – always observed at Victoria Beckham.

Aged resin bracelets can be worn around the wrist or integrated within the twists and knots of the garments. A leather cage evening sandal with a slight point, set on a banana-shaped heel, debuts in silver metallic, boudoir blush, dusty blue and duck egg. The round-toe leather loafer heels featured in the Runway Collection re-emerge in brown with B-Buckle ornaments as well as on flat creeper soles. The round-toe silhouette echoes in a rigid leather pump on a thin stiletto heel and as black stretch-lycra trouser boots.

The B-Buckle Bag takes new form in a medium-sized day-to-night silhouette joined by nano, wallet and small proportions crafted in black, fawn or peppermint grained leather and yellow, brown or brick-coloured croc-embossed leather. The B-Buckle Bag is adapted into a new Cufflink Bag in black, blue or burgundy hard leather with front-flap cufflink elements, a detail likewise featured on the straps of a new Halfmoon Bag interpretation in black leather. With its distinctive V-stitch motif, the Victoria Bag manifests in new colourways, as a croc-embossed tote, and as a trapezoid top-handle bag with cufflink accents. Reflecting the dressing ritual central to the collection, the Vanity Bag is featured in black canvas as well as in a new infinity B Monogram canvas across pouch, small and medium dimensions.