The Versace Fall-Winter 2022 Watches Campaign combines a collection of styles, mirroring brand motifs displayed in the seasonal collection. 

Classical codes contrast with contemporary design, aligning with the Fall-Winter 2022 campaign which displays Versace’s culture of myth and luxury. Campaign imagery speaks to the supremely confident Versace woman who simultaneously remains serene and the thoughtful attitude of the Versace man. 

Versace introduces six new designs to the line and each timepiece is enhanced with notable Versace motifs such as the Greca and Medusa head motif. The Medusa Infinite is modern and elegant, enhanced by mythological references by way of the Greca symbol and three-dimensional Medusa motif at its center. Stud Icon timepieces are characterized by a well-defined structure, Medusa dial and enriched with the La Greca insignia. While sportier designs such as the Greca Reaction and Icon Active sees staple codes reformed with on-trend and masculine design elements. Greca Action Chrono and Greca Time watches are equal parts sleek and impactful, bringing Greca insignia to focus with its clear brand flourishes.