Versace’s latest accessories line is inspired by the brand’s ultimate muse: Medusa.

Medusa is a unique icon of beauty. Once the most beautiful woman in Athens, she was widely desired by everyone who laid eyes on her. She’s a historic example of unapologetic attitude and fearless self-belief. Used throughout ancient art as a token to scare off negativity, she ensures good vibes only.  Medusa is an instantly recognizable symbol of the Versace brand. Each La Medusa handbag is adorned with a Medusa-head plaque – the same plaque that was discovered on the doors of Via Gesù 12: Versace’s first headquarters in Milan.

La Medusa handbags exude positivity through a range of bold shades, but there’s one color that truly defines the line: the DV Blue. Donatella Versace worked to create the perfect shade of blue, inspired by nature and designed to bring happiness to the wearer.

“Blue is my favorite color because for me it represents freedom. When I am in the sea, I feel free. When I’m surrounded by elements of nature and clear blue skies, I feel truly happy and all that is wrong in the world disappears. The world becomes blue.” Donatella Versace

Versace is a proud Italian brand and all La Medusa handbags are made in Italy from premium leather. The softest leather is selected to create a slouchy and unstructured finish – giving the bag a modern and youthful feel.