Donatella Versace and Versace global ambassador Chris Lee hosted the Versace Icons Dinner in Shanghai, a celebration of our collective power and a chance to meet, talk and share.

Versace and Lee invited Icons from a diverse range of professions and expertise, including artists, entrepreneurs, actor to come together at Shanghai’s Jiushi International Art Center for an evening of discussion, inspiration, and celebration of their groundbreaking contributions. Those in attendance included NINGNING of aespa, Ella Wong (Head Of Social Impact Of CAA China), Rebecca Yang (Chairman Of Christie’s China), Miriam Sun (Executive Director Of MoCa Shanghai), ZiPiao Zhang (Artist), Kylie Ying (Art Collector), Trunk Xu (Photographer), etc.

To illustrate what it means to be a modern Icon, the space features the Versace Icon Diaries, a gallery comprised of snapshots and inspiration from the Iconic worlds of individuals. Ahead of the event, guests were asked to document moments from their daily lives using their cellphone—whether at work and altruism, or daily moments usually hidden from view such as commuting through the city, or meeting up with friends. Compiled together into a shared display, the Versace Icons Diary demonstrates that the success of an Icon lies in their ability to transform the everyday into the extraordinary, to use their voices and platforms confidently and for good. They are free to be.

The event follows the Versace Icons Dinner in New York, hosted at the Rockefeller Center on September 27th by Donatella Versace and actor Anne Hathaway, who stars in the Versace Icons campaign with Chris Lee. Donatella Versace conceived the Versace Icons collection as a perfect everyday wardrobe, an emblem of Versace’s core aesthetic and values—confidence, courage and freedom to express all that you are, even when the world is not ready. The silhouettes are designed to enhance the individual. To empower their innate sense of self. To make them feel iconic. Ready to face the world. The debut collection was released earlier this year along with a campaign starring Chris Lee and Anne Hathaway. The second chapter of the Versace Icons collection was released at the beginning of October, along with new images of Lee and Hathaway.