Venu is a curated hybrid place which unites work, meeting and event spaces, specialty coffee lobby and a concept store. Designed with a difference.

We exist to fill the gap between work-in-cafe culture and exclusive co-working spaces driven by membership. By creating a so-called third place for creative people, which is not an office, not a cafe and not home, Venu offers a modern, design-driven and flexible space by the hour. It gives entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers necessary flexibility around time and space to be inspired and productive.

Working arrangements become less restricted by location. However working remotely in current available set ups has its own challenges. Namely, a lot of cafés have no-laptop policies nowadays (which is understandable, as their profit depends on on-going changeable clients’ traffic). Cafes also cannot ensure enough privacy and a professional environment. On the other hand most large co-working spaces require an exclusive membership which restricts flexibility and eventually they start feel office-like places after a while. 

Global pandemic taught us that remote work is possible. That people are able to collaborate and build trust virtually. And while there are many benefits of remote work like saving time on commute, flexible work time management, there is also a great need to have a way to separate work from other life activities like spending time with family or getting house chores done.

Designed for unique life and work style

In tune with the diverse routines of creative professionals today – connecting with friends, colleagues, and collaborators, and switching roles and locations in a not-so-typical 9 to 5 day – Venu tailors its offering to ensure Venu time is time well spent. 

A customer books a space at Venu for the time-slot which suits them and pay by the hour. Apart from that, they have a specialty coffee bar with professional baristas to order their drinks which are usually available only in certain types of cafes.  For example, a lot of editors of magazines find it convenient working remote from time to time, – between office, which is often outside of the city, and home, which might be noisy, or your neighbours disturb you. Just to change the scene.

“We get that people are looking for non-traditional ways to fulfil their professional and creative goals. We want to support their uniqueness . That’s why we are driven by our visitors’ individual needs.”

“Whether that looks like starting your day with excellent, seasonal coffee , a morning brainstorm session with a friend on your latest side hustle, or a meeting with your accountant in a more inspiring place, before going into focus mode in a quiet room. Everyone finds inspiration, creativity and productivity differently, so our offering is diverse and inclusive instead of a one-size-fits all approach.” 

Located in the hip inner-city Haarlemmerdijk area, Venu’s atmosphere is open and welcoming – there’s a sense that conversations, ideas and connections will flourish. You can work or create in your own way, and enjoy a specialty coffee to fuel the ideas and productivity.