Vans always strives to collaborate with creative expressors that embody skate culture and few others have touched the contemporary scene quite like British illustrator Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell. He is respected and well-known for blending street-level aesthetics with high fashion for some of the biggest brands out there. Adorned with hundreds of homemade stick and poke tattoos, Fergus Purcell represents the convergence of street culture and high fashion, with a shared design sensibility with Vans. 

This spring, Vans introduces the Vault by Vans x Fergus Purcell collaboration, featuring unique prints on four iconic Vans silhouettes. Each style is based on the absolute OG original style, including hand-wrapped high foxing tape, original panels, original label artwork and premium materials. 

Inspired by corner stores around the world, styles include a custom OG Authentic LX and OG Chukka LX, featuring a distinct print of Fergadelic artwork. “I love the contrast between the mundane ubiquity of the corner shop and the bewildering variety of the products inside,” Fergus describes. “It’s such an overload on the eye. Psychedelic. It’s these feelings that I’m channeling in this artwork.” 

The second set of classic Vans styles to get the Fergadelic overhaul include an OG Authentic and OG Chukka, each in a retro, acid wash colorway. “The acid wash design is based on a memory from my youth, of coveting a pair of acid wash Vans when they came out around the late ‘80s,” Fergus said. “I’ve collided this memory with— for no reason at all, let’s call it surreal—contemporary scratch card imagery, perhaps creating shoes that are lucky and will bring a big win.”

To round out the collection, Vault by Vans x Fergus Purcell also introduce a unique 10-piece apparel and accessories offering, to tell a full head-to-toe story. Each style incorporates the corner shop inspiration for a quirky iteration of Vans classic apparel and accessory silhouettes.

The Vault by Vans x Fergus Purcell collection is available in two drops – the corner store collection on April 18, 2020, and the acid wash collection on May 23, 2020. For information about the collections and to learn more about where to purchase, visit