PLACE VENDÔME November 2023 – For the Valentino Spring 2024 a dedicated campaign Valentino Paris, A Night’s Tale stars Rosie Huntington-Whiteley whilst she floats within the walls of Place Vendôme with her effortless beauty, bringing the undeniable aura of the holidays.

Shot and directed by Theo Wenner, the campaign features the model with a glamorous group of friends gathering within the walls of the grand, gracious, and mystical Place Vendôme, the Maison’s historical headquarters. A story of celebration and sophistication, where Rosie acts as the hostess by inviting us into the world of Valentino during an evening of extravagance.

The Maison unveils an exclusive array of looks – ranging from the subdued to the sparkling – all in the spirit of celebration and seasonal festivities. Looks with soft shades with a relaxed attitude. Party dresses with embroideries, feather jumpers, crystal mini dresses as well as tweed and crêpe couture jackets and High-end denim options.

Dress code of the festivities, preciousness with a sophisticated aura: the new Valentino Garavani VLogo Moon bag and the iconic Valentino Garavani Locò in holiday colors, special sequins and ultra-mini dimensions. To complete the offering of accessories, the new Valentino Garavani Rose- Rouche 1959 pumps, the iconic Valentino Garavani Rockstud pumps and ballerinas.

For the menswear selection, the dress code is decidedly sleek. Black and white suited looks, sequin-adorned bombers and jackets finished with floral and butterfly flourishes: an evening statement.

VALENTINO GARAVANI VLOGO MOON BAG – A celestial silhouette strikes the balance between daytime ease and evening sophistication.

Among the stars of the season, the Valentino Garavani VLogo Moon bag glows with undeniable allure. This agile, eclectic accessory is not only inspired by the shape of a crescent moon, but also by its very spirit. For the Maison’s ultimate accessory, the moon becomes both a fantasy and a reality, easy to transport yet a constant reminder of what’s beyond.

Despite its seasonal-staple personality, the Valentino Garavani VLogo Moon bag’s versatility makes it a timeless, statement accessory. Realized in soft leather and adorned with a bold metal chain, the bag rests on its urban elegance, perfectly styled with daytime essentials or dressed up on evening looks. While it can be worn tight to the shoulder for a dynamic look, the bag can also be transformed into a cross-body with its additional leather strap.

Crafted out of supple Stampa Alce leather, the Valentino Garavani VLogo Moon bag offers a delicate and indulgent feel, firmly anchored in the Maison’s attention to craftsmanship and detail. True to the Valentino Spring 2024 collection, the new bag is offered in an enticing palette of Couture hues ranging from bold yellow and red to more subdued black and blush.

The exclusive festive looks selection from the Valentino Spring 2024 will make its way to boutiques and online starting from November 2023 and will remain available through the end of the holiday season. An exclusive Pink PP packaging has been conceived along with gift home delivery and special calligraphy service only in selected boutiques.