To celebrate the launch of the Born in Roma Green Stravaganza, Valentino Beauty invited quests to Roma to experience an olfactive journey into the meticulously curated ingredients that make up these captivating scents. The talents were immersed into the world of Italian craftsmanship as master perfumers unveiled the secrets behind each blend, showcasing the beauty of extracts and the artistry of scent composition.

Unveiling the Fragrance
Born in Roma Donna Green Stravaganza is a masterpiece of olfactory artistry. The fragrance has a floral-ambery woody with an extravagant blend of sensual Lapsang Souchong tea accord and opulent jasmine absolute. Each scent note harmonizes to create an enchanting symphony, beckoning you into a garden of sensuality where opulence and extravagance define the very essence of Roma.

  • A Colorful Top Note: A seductive scent of smoky tea leaves, drawing you into a sensual garden with its Lapsang Souchong tea accord.
  • A Couture Heart Note: Delicate jasmine absolute takes center stage, illuminating the heart of the fragrance with its solar and floral facets, unveiling the modern femininity of this note.
  • A Cool Base Note: Sweet yet smoky drops of vanilla extract add a bewitching touch to this sensual and extravagant journey. The vanilla extract is sustainably sourced and crafted according to Valentino Beauty’s commitment to sustainability.

Born in Roma Uomo Green Stravaganza is a fougère ambery fragrance that uplifts your extravagance with the brightness of Calabrian bergamot heart, a fresh aromatic complexity, and an addictive coffee accord. This fragrance embarks on a journey of contrasts and revelations, encapsulating the essence of boldness and individuality.

  • A Colorful Top Note: Vibrant notes of Calabrian Bergamot Heart, revealing its full vitality as if the sun rises over a citrus grove. Enriching the composition with zest and verdant hues, this bergamot heart is not just a scent but a sustainable symphony, handcrafted for the brand’s commitment to beauty and the environment.
  • A Couture Heart note: A pure coffee infusion; a rich and dark elixir was captured in the very essence of this fragrance. This coffee accord is a magnetic force that amplifies the charm of this elixir, evoking the depth of a luxurious dark roast.
  • A Cool Base note: Warm and woody embrace of Vetiver Heart Essence from Haiti. Its notes are an invitation to the authentic elegance and sophistication that lies within this scent. Sustainably sourced and meticulously crafted, the Haiti Vetiver heart ensures that every spritz of this fragrance is an homage to nature and artistry.

Yet, beyond a mere olfactory experience, this event transcended into a celebration of Roma’s rich heritage. It was an opportunity to immerse oneself in the timeless elegance and contemporary vibrancy synonymous with the Valentino brand, paying homage to the vibrant culture it represents. The evening unfolded as an unforgettable odyssey of sensory exploration, marking the launch of Valentino Beauty’s latest olfactive masterpiece. Born In Roma Green Stravaganza promises to be a feast for the senses and a celebration of all that makes Rome truly eternal.