Vagabond Shoemakers is pleased to announce the brand’s new sustainability manifesto. With the goal of “Make every step count,” this responsibility has always been central to the brand; now Vagabond Shoemakers wants to raise awareness in all steps of the brand process and invite end users to participate.

With the “Make every step count” manifesto, Vagabond Shoemakers aims to highlight the four “C’s” – the Craft, the Choice, the Care and the Change. From the drawing board in their design studio to the reuse of shoes, the journey begins with Vagabond’s design team making creations to love and built to stand the test of time, both in craftsmanship and design. Further with the choices people make in consuming, honoring timeless essentials over fast fashion and extending the life of what you love by taking good care of it. The cycle is ultimately closed by passing on unwanted shoes for reuse or recycling and making a change.

The brand’s new sustainability concept is based on their design philosophy and heritage, along with new styles created with inspiration from their archives plus careful updates from season to season – always inspiring but never based on short-term trends.

“We are committed to designing shoes and accessories that are made to love. Items should be cherished, used and reused. Get older, just like us. By making our products attractive and durable, they are worn longer. And the more steps they carry you, the closer we get to our shared mission: transforming fashion from fast to slow. That’s why every step matters. From the leather we choose to the shoes you use. Together, we make every step count.”

From the “Make every step count” manifesto

“Making shoes with the least negative impact from an environmental and social standpoint is an incremental journey. But how we make purchasing decisions and plan to use them is just as important, and with this manifesto we want to illustrate how these things are connected,” said Anna Fahle Björcke, Sustainability Manager at Vagabond Shoemakers.

The Make every step count manifesto goes live on Nov. 25 at