C.P. COMPANY Creative director from 1997 to 2001, Moreno Ferrari shared Massimo Osti passion for functionality and utilitarianism over trends.  This inspired idea led Moreno to create the iconic Urban Protection collection, a landmark in brand's history.  Launched in 1998, the collection was designed to provide practical yet highly innovative and conceptual ideas for life in an urban environment. The main aim was to create a whole line of items, which could provide protection if necessary.

One of the most recognisablepieces of the Urban Protection line was the 'Metropolis Jacket’: made in 1998, the Metropolis Jacket featured a removable anti-smog face mask alongside details such as a multi-pockets system, designed to contain documents, mobile phone or pocket PC.

In 2019, C.P. COMPANY decided to remaster the Metropolis Jacket and the Urban Protection range, as a part of the NEXT LANDSCAPE FW020 collection; the overarching concept, developed by designer Paul Harvey, that represents a hopeful image of a future urban environment, in which nature is given the space to grow back vitally and spontaneously amongst the essential architectural forms of the city.

All Urban Protection clothes are characterized by a C.P. COMPANY detachable badge. The fabrics range include high performances textiles such as Dyneema, GoreTex Xenia and Infinium, and Taylon in addition to the brand's classic Proprietary Technology fabrics as Pro-Tek and C.P. Shell.

If the Mille Jacket was linked to a bucolic and romantic world, the Urban Protection is its evolution in the realistic urban context: if the iconic lens represents a link with the landscape and its observation, the mask and details of the Urban Protection garments represent instead the rhythm of the new city and urban landscapes. The Mille Jacket was born as the jacket of the romantic traveler, the Metropolis is the jacket of the metropolitan man. The Mille Miglia is a rural journey, Urban Protection is a journey on urban rails.