Unveil Proudly Presents Exclusive Works by Awoiska van der Molen, Thomas Albdorf, and Kim Boske at UNSEEN 23. Amsterdam, Westergasfabriek – Visit us at booth 56!

Unveil is proud to present ‘extended editions’ by Awoiska van der Molen (1972, NL), Thomas Albdorf (1982, AT), and Kim Boske (1978, NL) at UNSEEN 2023. While each artist employs a unique approach, they all explore the theme of ‘STLLNSS’. These works are released as ‘extended editions’ to engage a new audience of collectors and are exclusively available during UNSEEN 2023.

“Stllnss” is an exploration of the harmony between movement and stillness. Each artwork is carefully composed to capture the beauty of a unique moment – frozen in time yet brimming with energy. Van der Molen, Albdorf, and Boske have extracted stunning still images from dynamic motion art, giving each frame a unique vitality.

Awoiska van der Molen is renowned for her monumental black and white landscape works. In solitary journeys, she returns to the original territory of humanity: untouched nature with its natural rhythm, far from the ever-accelerating world we live in.

At ‘Unveil’, Van der Molen presents three film clips created during these journeys. This triptych focuses on modes of transportation: a river flowing through a forest, a train moving through a North Dutch landscape, and overgrown lava rock with the sound of the Route 66 Highway in the background. Van der Molen selected stills from the moving images to print them on transparent material.

Thomas Albdorf reinterprets everyday visual clichés in his art practice. For Unveil, he chose pre-existing work with flowers as a central theme – one of the most iconic subjects in art. The works share an artificial character, with some even entirely or partially generated by AI. Each print is accompanied by a corresponding video work showing an endless loop of an AI-reconstructed bouquet of flowers, opening up the discussion on ‘visual representation’ in a post-photographic world.

In her Unveil presentation, Kim Boske offers a fresh perspective on the timeless world of 17th-century Dutch still lifes. She translates their artistic techniques into her own unique language while retaining her signature layering effect but with an intriguing twist. In her video works, such as ‘Bouquets from the 17th Century’ and ‘Tableaux des fleurs’, Boske reinterprets traditional flower arrangements through film. She deciphers and reanimates the static moments captured in classic still life artworks, using each flower still life from these books. Inspired by the diverse visual perspectives that emerged during the creation of her video works, Boske decided to extract fifteen video stills and reintegrate them into their original medium: photography. This resulted in the creation of the series ‘Bouquets’ and ‘Tableaux’.

In addition to the aforementioned photographers, work by Sonia Mangiapane, Claudia Fuggeti, Alexander Sporre, Ana Nunes Rodriguez, and Andrea Camiolo within this theme is exclusively offered digitally during Unseen.

Extended Editions

The exhibited photographers share Unveil’s vision of making art more accessible. This is achieved through ‘extended editions’ targeting a new generation of collectors inspired by the possibilities of Web3 and the importance of transparency. These editions have higher print runs and are available for a limited time, catering to a wider audience. They are accessible but retain exclusivity. After the time limit expires, no additional editions are created, ensuring the unique status for collectors. The works cost less than 500 euros.

Unveil x Unseen

UNSEEN 2023 has once again chosen to collaborate with Unveil to present the digital possibilities of photography. The works are offered as traditional prints, with Unveil ensuring the authenticity and origin of each artwork in the form of a digital certificate. Unveil integrates blockchain technology for the certification of the artworks.