untitlab® AW24 draws inspiration from the series theme and DNA, emphasizing themes of exploration, adventure, and pushing boundaries throughout the collection. untitlab® aimed to break new ground, with vibrant colors and textures that awaken a sense of freedom.The brand worked on taking innovative craftsmanship to new heights, incorporating waterproof technology and a cutting edge integral embossing process to create the softer and more comfortable swift trek trainers. Prioritizing comfort and experience, giving it a fresh upgrade.

To classic reel derbies and velo heels, infusing formal footwear with a brand-new outdoor style. untitlab® are also committed to environmental sustainability, using soft ultrasuede, breathable waterproof eco-friendly lycra, and recycled polyester.

The AW24 Campaign explores the complexity of the characters’ inner worlds and the intersections of their emotions. In the face of an unstable external environment, violence and lust dictate the characters’ every move, becoming a symbol of their resistance to the status quo. This is similar to the way in which J.G. Ballard deconstructs the fetishization of motorcycles and the anxious desire that intertwines with them in his novel Crash.