UNRUN and the Antwerp based accessory brand KOMONO have come together to create 15 exclusive sports masks focused on enhancing performance while boosting confidence. Inspired by two worlds in which marginal gains can make the difference between silver and gold, this collaboration breaks with the conventional idea of sports glasses, and explores aerodynamics to develop the ultimate sports accessory.

By blending the expertise in goggles of Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, both ex-professional snowboarders, and the unrivaled knowhow on technical fabrics of UNRUN, KOMONO creatives and Olympic gold runners Olivia Borlée and Elodie Ouedraogo have created something truly unique and avant-garde. With an athletic cut, decorated with a shield lens offering high abrasion resistance and flexibility, this collaboration brings a new dimension of innovation into the world of sports all while being very relevant and aligned with today’s outlook on PPE (personal protective equipment).

Starting the 4th of November, UNRUN will set up shop in the KOMONO flagship store. The collaboration will be available in limited edition, as well as the very first UNRUN collection. KOMONO will be the exclusive sales point in Antwerp for two weeks. 

When: From 4th until the 20th of November
Where: KOMONO Flagship Store, Kammenstraat 46, 2000 Antwerpen Online: www.unrun4254.com and www.komono.com