In the month of December, Bowmore proudly presents the ARC-52, a very rare bottle of whiskey from the renowned Scottish distillery. Bowmore, a name synonymous with sophistication and heritage, proudly brings forth the ARC-52. An example of Bowmore’s commitment to perfection, this 52-year-old single malt is available for one-time purchase from Gall & Gall. This is a unique opportunity for one lucky customer to get their hands on a piece of Scotch whiskey history and Bowmore is delighted to share this exclusive experience with whiskey lovers in the Netherlands.

At its core, the ARC-52 is a celebration of years of collaboration with the British brand Aston Martin. The story of the ARC-52 reveals a groundbreaking Aston Martin design that brings to life a striking decanter containing one of the oldest Bowmore whiskeys ever. With only 100 bottles produced worldwide, the ARC-52 is a collaboration between two iconic brands at the highest level that showcases innovation and creativity from both worlds.

This 52-year-old single malt embodies the essence of Bowmore’s commitment to perfection. Matured in sherry and American oak barrels, the ARC-52 offers an unparalleled taste experience. The striking design of the bottle, created by Aston Martin, adds an artistic element to this masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Lucien Heusy, Managing Director of Koninklijke de Kuyper Nederland, responds enthusiastically to the arrival of 1 of the 100 limited copies in the Netherlands: “It is a great development that we can offer this beautiful whiskey to a happy customer in the Netherlands. This exclusive Bowmore ARC-52 whiskey deserves to be offered to the public in a beautiful way. We are therefore pleased to be able to do this together with Gall & Gall.”

Nienke van de Streek, CEO of Gall & Gall, shares the enthusiasm: “We are proud that we will be selling this special bottle in our store. With the ARC-52 we have a unique whiskey for an absolute connoisseur.” As the only point of sale in the Netherlands that has the privilege of offering this special bottle, Gall & Gall promises an unforgettable experience for whiskey lovers.

Interested parties can register via . The owner is determined by drawing lots. Registration is open from today and sales will take place in the second half of December at the Dam branch of Gall & Gall. The price will be €93,000.