International retailer UNIQLO today announced that it will launch the + J Spring / Summer 2021 collection on March 25. The collection builds on the popular return of UNIQLO's collaboration with legendary designer Jil Sander last season. The designer brings her distinctive, modern signature to this exceptional line for both men and women.

Now that we are slowly rising from the dark winter, it is time to enjoy spring. This season's + J Spring / Summer collection gives you exactly the feeling of the light spring we've all longed for. We see sharp silhouettes minimized to their purest form as the main feature of the current collection.

“The overarching idea is sophistication,” says Ms. Jil Sander. "A form of purity that reminds us of innovation and a fresh start."

Controlled sculptural customization emphasizes movement, lightness and space. Thoughtful design impregnates essential pieces with versatility and practicality for outdoor living. A selection of natural materials and comfortable blends define effortless styles with luxurious textures. Colors reflect a chromatic color palette of the northern lights while indigo and ink reflect the summer night. That gives a nice, cool contrast with ivory, caramel, gray and khaki. +J goes on to showcase an international modern uniform with purpose and meaning.

Ladies collection:

Lightweight, technical silk blends are the highlight of the women's line-up, including a graphic dress with three-quarter sleeves, flared skirt and subtle summer parka. Beautifully tailored from supple SUPIMA® cotton, there is a striking three-quarter-length shirt with dolman sleeves and a voluminous silhouette. SUPIMA® cotton gives a soft sheen to the oversized T-shirt (with half sleeve), providing a stylish look.

Men's collection:

Exceptional customization also sets the men's line-up apart. An oversized long hooded coat with a light gray texture conveys a carefully sculpted 3D volume, while a classic polo is defined by a tight fit. Authentic selvedge denim jeans for men and women are designed in a cool, straight silhouette.