Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of the Uniqlo and Mame Kurogouchi Spring/Summer 2023 Collection on Thursday, April 20.

The fifth season in this collaboration with designer Maiko Kurogouchi, creator of the Mame Kurogouchi fashion brand, brings together designs with pleasantly curved lines and exclusive UNIQLO fabrics and production techniques, to create a collection with fine materials, delicate cuttings, and elegant color tones. LifeWear that is elegant, while at the same time lightweight and comfortable, brings excitement to everyday life.

Sheer material for lustrous skin
The focus for Spring/Summer 2023 is material with a luster and translucency that gives a shine to women’s skin. Developed specially for this collection, the new sheer material is supple and delicate like bare skin and is used in the Wireless Bra (Sheer Triangle), Sheer Shorts, and Sheer Camisole. Worn alone or layered with a Sheer Crew Neck T-shirt or Sheer High Socks, these are items that blur the line between innerwear and clothing, adding a vibrance to everyday life.

Enveloped in iconic curved lines
New this season are 3D knit mesh sweaters to readily wear even during summer, and dresses designed with skilled crafted elements. Items with refined designs and a fit that gently envelops the body create a distinctive collection.

Vibrant color pallet with a refreshing coolness
The key color for this season is a blue gradient reminiscent of early summer shores or ocean waves. The elegant translucency and refreshing coolness of the colors produce a refined sensuality.