”Creating new worlds of immersive art”. 

The team behind Audio Obscura launches a new company: Unfold.art. In partnership with Cultuurdorp Westergas, Unfold.art will bring the new spectacular audiovisual light art installation SORA by artist duo NONOTAK to the public in the beginning of January, 2023. 

Audiovisual art installations

With Westergas as a permanent partner, a foundation is built for upcoming audiovisual art installations in Amsterdam, where the Gashouder will be the annual location to experience these new installations. 


Starting January 6, 2023, Unfold.art’s newest creative collaboration, SORA, will take over the legendary Gashouder. The imposing installation will be created by visual artist Noemi Schipfer and artist/musician Takami Nakamoto, who work together to form the creative collective NONOTAK. NONOTAK works with light and sound installations in which they create ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environments. These are built to embrace but also challenge the viewer. Founded in 2013, the duo makes everything in-house from sound to visual aspects and has shown its skills from London to Tokyo. SORA, can be experienced in no fewer than three ways: 

  • Live shows given by NONOTAK, where Noemi and Takami perform beneath the artwork. As a member of the audience, you are taken along different dimensions in this performance at regular intervals. An entirely new experience and way of experiencing the installation as an audience. 
  • The exhibition, without beginning or end, is almost a meditative experience where you can lie down or sit quietly and come to a deep relaxation. The music is hypnotic and the experience offered by the installation energizing. The whole thing provides endless inspiration for experienced and inexperienced art lovers. 
  • In collaboration with Audio Obscura, the program will also include a rave where music and visual art merge in a unique way. 
    Collaborating with the most innovative artists in art, technology, new media and music, Unfold.art pushes the boundaries of imagination through giant immersive art experiences. Think of it as a traveling concept, with Amsterdam as its starting point, bringing these extraordinary audiovisual experiences to blackbox locations around the world, with an annually renewed show. 

    You can visit the event in Westergas, Haarlemmerweg 4 1014 BE Amsterdam from January 6 through February 5, 2023. Tickets are available at www.Unfold.art