Pureness as a conscious synthesis, the intentional removal of what exceeds. It is subtraction, not absence. The creative process keeps track of what was taken away. It leads to the essential, with all the tension of implication. Those empty spaces are not lack of content. They declare personal choices. In those omissions, in those allusions, lays the depth of identity. Cuts and transparencies reveal the persona. At the same time, many layers become none. Multitude becomes one. An oxymoron allows the reset of all abundances. When having reached their highest level, emotions find ease. Clarity arises from a new consciousness. Nowness takes shape. Real people make things easier. They put the extraordinary in a familiar frame. A similar shift translates the language of Couture in the ready-to-wear alphabet. Bustiers evolve into undershirts, gowns into sweatshirts. Tailoring destinates the same space to different proportions. Unboxing an image means unboxing an idea. Get rid of the structure and you will see what’s inside.