Reduction: a quest for matters that matter.
The stature that comes from avoiding fuss, from shredding the unnecessary.
The essence, that’s reached doing away with what does not
stand the test of time, be it centuries, or years.

Time that scribbles, dries, washes, consumes and ultimately
molds surfaces and lines.
What remains in the outline, and what fills it.

Verticality. Roundness.
Silhouettes, and how they react to light.
Volumes that fold, bend, stand.
Opacity and shine.

Shaggy, washed, felted wool.
Velvet that absorbs color to quietly glisten.
A plastified coating.

The quest for the essence caught in the process, halfway
through, the toile still visible.

Opulence that’s hidden, like frescoes inside a grotto.

By Angelo Flaccavento