With her FW24 collection, Uma Wang explores the depths of nostalgia and the allure of textures, shapes and silhouettes, inviting you to rediscover the beauty in every moment.

Poem for the collection by Angelo Flaccavento:


The quest for less as a stream of memories.

Reminiscences. Of shapes, lines, volumes. The frame of the body, softly impressed on pillows.

The apparent severity that comes from remembrance of something distant, in space or time. Details are erased: what remains is the outline.

Silhouettes fall straight and vertically, with a certain bulk. Forms are constructed around the body, precisely tailored, wrapped and knotted to create structure or encase movement.

Structure as posture. Posture as manner. Manner as structure. Structure as a barrier, too: a way to contain the transitory, to avoid memories from being dispersed, and allow them to occupy space.

Drapes are solidified, in an attempt to turn the ephemeral into the permanent, like noting down thoughts on paper.

Fabric with weight. Dry. With a washed hand. Shaggy.

Strictness that contains and liberates, memorably.