New York Fashion Week has been so crazy! I’ve loved every minute of it. New York in general is an amazing city, so to just be in the city is a blessing. It’s been so cool to be in the presence of such creative minds and allowing myself to be inspired by the shows that I’ve been to. It’s been a mind blowing experience and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I’ve always loved to express myself through my clothes and this moment has allowed me to do that in the best way I can imagine.

Tyroe Muhafidin
Co-directed by Kat Solko and Charlie Jake Sanchez
Camera operations: Charlie Jake Sanchez and Spencer Weitzel
Edited by Charlie Jake Sanchez
Pandora Lab-Grown Diamond District: A Fashion Week Launch Party

Palomo Spain SS 2024 Runway Show

Outside of his acting work, Tyroe self-produces his Hip Hop and Indie pop music. His latest song, released during the summer is called BRATZ DOLL.