The men’s jewellery brand launches a capsule collection with Zara available exclusively on Zara’s online channels and in shops in the UK, US and Europe The new TwoJeys x Zara collection will feature more than 45 unique and limited pieces.

Men’s jewelry start-up brand, TwoJeys, and Zara have joined forces to create a radical capsule collection for every contemporary pleasure-seeking mind. Founded in 2019 by Barcelona-raised spirit-brothers Biel Juste Calduch and Joan Margarit, TwoJeys is a brand whose jewelry and clothing encapsulates a spirit of progressive discovery, fearless exploration, and hedonistic adventure. Thus, the unique collaboration with Zara was born to capture the imagination of fellow travelers across the world.

“TwoJeys is a state of mind,” says Biel: “Joan and I first imagined it during a fever-dream journey down Route 66 in California. Down the road we could never find any jewelry that captured the essence of our life on the highway, so we decided then and there to make it for ourselves.”

The centrepiece of this TwoJeys x Zara collection is jewelry, which forms the core of Joan and Biel’s radical universe. Chains, rings, key rings and bracelets are accentuated by a distinctly modern design language, but with an iconic anachronism channeled by the founders of TwoJeys. The brand’s two iconic stars bring to life moments full of meaning for contemporary cowboys and cowgirls.

To complement their main jewelry offer, Joan and Biel have worked closely with Zara’s design team to develop a collection of garments and accessories. The symbolism reflects the intersection of iconic American motoring culture and the equestrian heritage of the West. Knitwear and jersey garments are textured, frayed, washed and worn to depict the heat-whipped way of life on the road. Non-conformist cut jeans are presented with smokey washes of psychedelically kaleidoscopic sun stars and opaque photo-etched prairie pilgrimage. The star-encrusted carved leather belts or rugged cowboy buckles it all together.

TwoJeys and Zara have hit the road to create a campaign that embodies their carefree, pleasure-hungry soul. Shot by Glen Luchford and featuring Evan Mock and Iris Law, the campaign reflects TwoJeys’ core belief: to live life fast, wild and free.

“The collection we’ve done with Zara is about making the most of our lives and our energy. It’s not delicate, it’s not cautious, it’s not shy: life moves at full speed, and so does TwoJeys,” says Joan.

The TwoJeys x Zara collection will be launched in selected shops and on on 3 June.