After the success of the Summer and Villa TWOJEYS collection, the new and long-awaited SMILEY is here, a collection that will be a turning point for the brand.

SMILEY has been launched, for the first time, in a pre-sale format with limited units and early access for the brand’s ‘close friends’. The collection consists exclusively of 25 pieces, where this time not only highlight the TWOJEYS jewelry but the collection consists of limited units of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, as well as the original TJ notebook, two special boxes in wood to store the jewelry and the original carpet in the form of TJ Energy. The most exclusive collection has been a success, in less than 12 hours since its launch, several of the SMILEY products already have the sign of ‘sold out’ since last night. These include the Circle Bracelet, Not Happy Not Sad Ring, Double Trouble Necklace and TJ Energy Carpet. SMILEY’s pieces include the Not Happy Not Sad necklace and bracelet with a special magnet closure, available in two chain sizes L and XL. Not Happy Not Sad is the crown jewel of TWO- JEYS’ most urban collection to date.

Also launched the TJ Energy Earring, the first gold-plated earrings of the rm, so far TWOJEYS had in its collection the Crush earring, MJ, Papua, Cross and Bowies knife, all in silver, but in this new release the TJ Energy earrings are also available in gold and promise to be the must of TJ One of SMILEY’s masterpieces is the Vo- lume 3 Necklace in silver and gold ver- sion with the three iconic faces of TJ, a piece that is not made to be worn by just anyone  daring as none it represents the maximum underground expression in which this collection has been inspired. SMILEY is the most urban and daring collection of TWOJEYS. These new jewels in limited edition reflect the true sub culture in which Tj is so inspired for movies and campaigns since its beginnings, for this reason, SMILEY is the most special collection to date.


TWOJEYS is a unisex jewelry brand created in 2019 by Joan Margarit and Biel Juste. Inspired by the Californian style during a trip along Route 66 from Las Vegas to Palm Springs, they decided to embark on a new adventure and create the TWOJEYS universe.

A brand of unique and timeless jewelry for him and her, designed and handmade in Spain with sustainable, local logistics and biodegradable packaging. Both founders, creative, enterprising and belonging to the Zgeneration have always been clear that “If you don’t nd whatyou are looking for, create it yourself”. With this motto as a banner, TJ aims to inspire and create a unique style, providing value that goes beyond a jewelry product. Twojeys is a family, united by a lifestyle that enhances the versatile and unisex side of the brand.