Under the slogan “I’m so thankful I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted” TwoJeys launches three necklaces to give as Valentine’s Day gifts and wear all year round.

The Spanish jewelry firm, founded in 2019 by Biel Juste and Joan Margarit, has designed 3 silver necklaces perfect for Valentine’s Day with Edu Román as the campaign image.

Following the slogan that has been accompanying the firm since its beginning, TwoJeys wanted to give it meaning by designing three pieces under the same concept. On this special date, the iconic phrase present in various products of the firm, comes to light in the new amulet of the brand, the Forever Love Necklace.

Likewise, the TwoJeys Icon Lighter, who made this phrase viral during Justin Bieber’s birthday, was photographed during the event for having written the slogan with which Justin began his speech. The brand intends to reaffirm the concept that inspired its team and its community in such special moments as the romantic Valentine’s Day.

The new designs follow the disruptive, racing and vintage aesthetics so characteristic of the brand. The three pieces are made of brass with 12 micron silver plating and 925 silver chain. “Forever Love Necklace”, the crown piece of the drop, has an opening that allows to include a personalized message or photograph inside.

The new drop, Valentine’s, is now available online and can also be found offline at TwoJeys stores in Barcelona, Madrid and London. On the same website you can find the pattern to print from home the message or photograph you want to include inside the Forever Love Necklace.