Designed by Dutch twin sisters and visionary jewelry designers, TWEEK-EEK, unveil their latest creations to the world with the enchanting ‘STARR’ collection. This long-awaited launch embodies their distinctive innovative and environmentally conscious approach, utilizing advanced machinery form the furniture and high-tech industries.

The ‘STARR’ collection captures the essence of sustainability, layering, and unique designs. 

What began as a study assignment in 2019, has evolved over the years into the breathtaking expansion of the beloved 'STARR' collection. Geertje's innovative concept for a unique piece of jewelry, born out of experiments with machinery and upcycling interior industry waste, ultimately resulted in the striking STARR earring. With a shared passion and vision, TWEEK-EEK was born, and now they are back with a sequel collection. 

In the latest collection, TWEEK-EEK pays homage to the timeless beauty of the STARR earring while radiating their own identity and core values with bold design language. Each piece in the collection is artfully constructed form different layers, creating a playful effect that can be admired both in front of and behind the ear. Sustainability takes center stage in every design, with each piece crafted from a single sheet of leftover materials.