Delivering his first original production of 2024, renowned electronic music producer Trikk announces the release of his latest single, Rigor, on prestigious Berlin-based record label Innervisions. The visceral new offering marks the latest addition to Trikk’s expansive sonic repertoire, further showcasing his mastery in crafting immersive sonic experiences that resonate with listeners worldwide.

The direction of Rigor is clear from the start, deeply shaking the dance floor with a sound design so vivid you can lick it. A staple in Trikk’s performances over the past few months, the track embodies an unmistakable energy, eliciting a primal response from audiences with its pulsating basslines and emotive melodies. 

The artwork accompanying ‘Rigor’ serves as a visual interpretation of the track’s mood and intensity. For this, Trikk and Innervisions have collaborated with Joao Castro’s The Royal Studio to craft self-portraits that evoke the true essence of the music. These images provide a foundation for further elements, creating a captivating visual narrative that complements the music seamlessly.

Innervisions – known for its discerning curation and commitment to musical innovation – provides the perfect platform for Trikk’s latest creation. The label’s reputation for fostering artistic expression aligns seamlessly with Trikk’s vision, making Rigor a natural fit for its catalogue of forward-thinking releases.

Born and raised in the vibrant cultural hub of Porto, Portugal, Trikk is a visionary electronic music producer known for his innovative approach to sound design and genre-defying compositions. With a discography spanning across multiple esteemed labels and a dedicated global following, Trikk continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, captivating audiences with his distinctive sonic aesthetic.

We sat down with Trikk for a Q&A about his new single Rigor, his musical journey, future endeavours and more.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical journey and how you developed your sound and artist identity?

My Mozambican roots heavily influenced my early musical journey, helping to inform my subconscious backdrop until now. Relocating to London at the age of 20 marked a significant shift too, exposing me to the diverse scenes of punk, industrial, post-punk, and the UK Hardcore continuum. These experiences remain crucial in helping my music, I feel the growth as a producer is being able to always let those moments help inform what I’m doing without thinking about it, it’s like a genetic code you build over time and no one has the same, everyone is different.

How would you describe your approach to music production and DJing?

Simplify to amplify. Restraint and essentially creating limitations. Especially in today’s landscape where everything is instantly available and requires very minimum effort. This works for me, but it might not be for the next one.

What inspired your choice of labels such as Lossless, Optimo Music, and especially Innervisions for your releases?

Essentially each one represented a need for the musical period I was living in. When the Optimo Music opportunity appeared I was working on a lot of industrial-esque, dub, and African rhythm ideas and it was the perfect place for the music to be released given Optimo’s history with these sounds. Lossless came right after and it defined an important departure for me to a different sound, more direct and more club-focused. Innervisions offered me a bigger landscape to work on, I can use all my musical genetic code and incorporate it all in a club format.

Your latest single Rigor on Innervisions has a vivid sound design. What inspired this track, and what message were you aiming to convey?

The message is simple: Minimalist-maximalist club-focused music.

Rigor marks your first original production of 2024. How do you feel the track fits into your broader discography and musical evolution?

Rigor was a reaction to my earlier work Fauna & Flora, which conceptually leaned into more adventurous territories. Feeling the need to simplify, Rigor emerged as a result of that impulse and will lead the way for me for the rest of 2024.

Beyond this new release, what more is there to come from you this year, any other upcoming releases or projects?

There will be more singles this year leading to a club album release on Innervisions. Also, Dixon and I are launching Tri/xon, which will start as a live simulation at Brooklyn Mirage in New York on the 3rd of May including original music from both of us.