The award-winning beverage brand solidifies its position as a leading, historic cognac house

Maison Courvoisier enters a new era, building upon its establishment nearly two centuries ago (1828), where past and future converge. As the world’s most awarded cognac house, the brand toasts to the richness of taste experience, ‘joie de vivre,’ and craftsmanship with a fresh perspective and a soon-to-be-revealed series of events and activations on a global and local scale.

Courvoisier’s rich heritage and core values of enjoyment, camaraderie, and discovery take center stage in the planned celebrations. From the perspective of zest for life, a core element since its inception, both connoisseurs and newcomers are encouraged to reintroduce themselves. Special attention is given to a new generation of connoisseurs and the allure of world cities: from the romantic flair of Paris to the free-spirited vibe of London.

Amsterdam kicks off with a sensory ‘Cognac in Blossom’ dinner at the monumental De Willem, where a select group explores Courvoisier’s historical timeline. This includes a special menu by renowned chef Jef van den Hout, with fitting cognac pairings by master blender Thibaut Hontanx.

From the Belle Époque to the present day

Maison Courvoisier entices epicureans to rediscover the cognac house through the lens of French ‘joie de vivre’. An invitation to step into a warm and hospitable world of unpretentious elegance, inspired by the belief that pleasure gives life meaning. Quality moments hidden in the enjoyment of beautiful surroundings, culinary delights, refined culture, casual gatherings, and sparkling conversations.

Behind the iconic status

Maison Courvoisier is one of the four leading cognac houses in the world – also known as the ‘Big Four’. The brand has a rich history and has long been synonymous with an amber-gold color and the taste of exuberant, floral cognac. Rooted in the Belle Époque era, the cognac house captured the hearts of imperial courts – including that of Napoleon – and was served during the official opening of the Eiffel Tower: a landmark moment in European history.

Enjoy your drinks mindfully and responsibly.