“I can choose what I am, I can choose my gender, choose my nationality and my name, my place of birth, all simply by opening my mouth. Nobody has to remain the person they were born; we can put ourselves together like a jigsaw.” – Patjim Statovci

For this 8th collection, EGONLAB urges us to redefine our relationship with our bodies and reminds us of moments of choice. That tipping point when two directions lay before us and the decisive moment when we venture into the unknown.

“Toute première fois” evokes this rebirth, the power of decision-making and liberation. The power of life, growth, and pleasure.

An inner exploration that involves exploring the body we discover, defying gender, and revealing forms. For the upcoming spring, bodies are blossoming like the “flower of evil.”

Tailoring is ever-present, serving as a reminder and landmark, a signature. It sculpts the body and captivates the blossoming hearts.

Curves are meticulously crafted to enhance silhouettes and shape unique, open, and subversive identities. A scent of punk and sensuality takes hold of the wardrobe as bodies break free from conventions and mingle in an endless soirée.

Denim, leather, and exquisite materials punctuate this open wardrobe. Skin against skin. If to touch our souls, we must taste sweat, feel flesh, then so be it.

Where life presents a multiple-choice questionnaire, the collection becomes a command. Experience everything, live intensely. A reminder of our first time, a radiant promise of all that we could accomplish.

A new masculinity lies before us.

It is time to embrace it, to embrace the body that draws us in.

Man yesterday, feminine today, it doesn’t matter.

In the puzzle of life, all combinations are winners.

This season EGONLAB collaborated with amazing talents :

They created a selection of two key looks with Umbro China, taking both DNAs to the runway using EGONLAB signature looks with Umbro fantastic aesthetic.

The shoes of the show were a key selection of leather boots from TOGA VIRILIS produced by Six London and heels from the brand Syro.

Glasses were entirely proposed by Linda Farrow.

The beautiful chromatic piece from last look was crafted especially for the show by Le chemin des maquettes and Flávio Juán Núñes.

Finally, EGONLAB collaborated with Persta Paris, the French jewelry brand created by Olivier and Guillhem Fouvre d’acier. All jewels on models were from the brand, and they created a special design for the show, a cockring developed in three sizes that can also be worn as an earcuff and a ring. One entirely covered with more than 70 stones.




Music sets bodies in motion, rhythm makes hearts beat. Behind this truth lies a strong belief for EGONLAB. It is a multi-sensory narrative, both day and night, where the musical atmosphere remains an essential element of each collection.

This love for sound is cultivated from one collection to another. For the SS24 season, it is a grand ascent, a soaring journey and elevation that will be presented to us. The elevation of the mind, and that of aspirations. A deep rumbling noise that resonates and sets the rhythm.

Mystical sounds that uplift the soul and permeate through bodies as the silhouettes parade by. An invitation to introspection, to the persistent and captivating rhythm of a heartbeat, with bated breath, the unleashed passion, the impulse arises, and the act begins.

It is the artist Pablo Bozzi, a familiar face behind the turntables and a great friend of the house, who expresses his talent here through an intoxicating soundtrack, pulsating with heartbeats and body rhythms.

For a transcendent, complete, and ultimate experience, EGONLAB has partnered with DEVIALET. Thanks to its extreme technological savoir-faire, Devialet offers a unique listening experience through iconic products. Here, a 26 Phantom choir, brings EGONLAB unconditional love for music to life.

Together, EGONLAB and DEVIALET have designed this musical and sensory journey to tell the story of the season in the most beautiful way possible.

published by Nadia ten Hove