Tommy Hilfiger, announces the launch of ‘Tommyfor Life,’ a pioneering circular business model that will take pre-owned TOMMY HILFIGER and TOMMY JEANS pieces as well as damaged items from retail operations, to make them good as new or remix them into completely new styles. ‘Tommyfor Life’ products will go through a renewal process that includes professional cleaning, repairing, restoring and a strict quality assurance and control. ‘Tommy for Life’ will be piloted in the Netherlands starting today, before expanding to other European markets in 2021. ‘Tommyfor Life’ products will be available for purchase online exclusively at 

“The time to drive real, impactful change in the fashion industry is here and now, so we are committed to identifying ways to innovate our business models, practices and the way we interact with our consumers,” said Martijn Hagman, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe. “‘Tommyfor Life’ provides solutions to one of our industry’s greatest challenges: switching from a “take-make-waste” approach to a model in which we keep products and materials in use as long as possible. Our investments in a business model that pioneers this at this scale and complexity will have true impact – not only on our brand, but on the future of the industry as a whole.”

The ‘Tommyfor Life’ program has developed three key product lines to extend the life of garments taken in:

  • Reloved: Previously owned products traded-in by consumers.
  • Refreshed: Restored items from store and e-commerce returns. For example, items from the retail inventories that become unsaleable or proved defective, such as becoming stained as a result of handling, broken seams, lost buttons, etc.
  • Remixed: Beginning in 2021, products that cannot be cleaned in full or repaired will be taken apart, with their materials used to create new, unique designs.

Tommyfor Life’ is one of the initiatives tied to Tommy Hilfiger’sMake it Possible program, a bold approach to environmental and social sustainability that reinforces the organization’s commitment to create fashion that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All’. The new business model is in line with Tommy Hilfiger’s vision to make products that are fully circular and that can be part of a sustainable loop by 2030.

To participate in ‘Tommyfor Life’, consumers are invited to trade-in their pre-loved TOMMY HILFIGER and TOMMY JEANS items at TOMMY HILFIGER stores or send them via mail in exchange for discount vouchers. The value of the vouchers will depend on the type and number of items traded, regardless of their condition. In partnership with The Renewal Workshop – the leading provider of a circular solutions for apparel and textile brands – Tommy Hilfiger will sort, clean and repair donated items, restoring them to a newfound glory. What cannot be restored will be remixed into a new line of unique designs. Those that cannot be remixed will be recycled into yarns or repurposed, for instance into insulation. Nothing will go to waste. 

To purchase product, trade in TOMMY HILFIGER products and learn more about the program, visit