Antwerp jewelry label Elliot & Ostrich joins forces with celebrity stylist Tom Eerebout. Belgian talent Eerebout has previously made a name for himself as a personal stylist for stars such as Lady Gaga, Austin Butler, Sylvie Kreusch, and Hooverphonic. Breaking free from prevailing conventional codes, they designed a unisex jewelry collection together with the ambition to make jewelry more accessible to men. “My Ring. My Story” encapsulates the essence of Tom Eerebout in a lifelong jewel. The Lion ring tells the story of Tom Eerebout, who he is and what he cherishes, through gemstones and their deeper meanings. The complete capsule includes a Lion ring, two signet rings, and an earring, all inspired by “usawa,” meaning balance in Swahili.

At the heart of the collection is green tourmaline, which holds a special personal meaning for Tom. It is said to be a powerful healing crystal for the physical heart, bringing balance to men and empowering them by harmonizing their masculine and feminine energies. This collection aims to achieve balance between yin and yang, masculinity and femininity, roughness and refinement.

Tom Eerebout and the team behind Elliot & Ostrich first met in 2022 when Tom was looking for a jewelry brand to style Rita Ora as the host of the EMA’s. When he discovered the colorful and stackable Elliot & Ostrich collection, he was immediately captivated. The result was Rita Ora’s iconic red-green-black Elie Saab couture look adorned with an eclectic range of Elliot & Ostrich jewelry in the same shades.

The tone was set, and there was an instant connection between Tom Eerebout and Jennifer Elliot, the founder and creative director of Elliot & Ostrich. Both share their Belgo-British heritage and a love for London, which they both have a close bond with. Add to that a shared passion for artisanal and meaningful jewelry, and it’s no surprise that the seed for a future collaboration was already planted.

Elliot & Ostrich distinguishes itself in haute joaillerie through a personalized, custom-made approach. Elliot & Ostrich is the result of Elliot’s love for luxurious materials, authentic craftsmanship, and the ambition to create a unique and personal visual language. The Antwerp-based house prides itself on the exclusive customization of each piece of jewelry and providing personal guidance from A to Z. Elliot & Ostrich sees haute joaillerie as a unique and timeless way to symbolize every milestone in one’s life in an eccentric and personal manner.

With the concept of “your stack your story,” it becomes possible to tell your life story through your own style codes. Based on this concept, the jewelry brand has noticed an increasing interest from men in capturing symbolic milestones through jewelry. These could be a birth, career advancement, or wedding anniversary. However, there still exists a stigma that jewelry, especially gemstone rings, are exclusively for women. Ironically, there was a time when men were more heavily adorned with jewelry than women.

With their capsule collection, Elliot & Ostrich and Tom Eerebout aim to break down this contemporary barrier by making jewelry more accessible to men. Their unisex collection inspires every gender to express themselves through meaningful jewelry.

The collection is characterized by a dark, mysterious, and slightly rock & roll aesthetic, just like Tom. This creative duo resolutely chose black diamonds, symbolizing eternity, passion, and charisma. The color palette was further enriched by green tourmaline