MR PORTER is an unprecedented fine dining steakhouse. A traditional steakhouse transforms to become something sexy and continuously surprising. Duality defines MR PORTER’s character; simple and extravagant, masculine yet feminine, wicked though obedient. Founders and creators of this addition to the multitude of award-winning concepts of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP are internationally acclaimed hospitality entrepreneurs Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, as well as the group’s CEO Stephanie Pearson.

Here is Timotej Letonja’s, editor-in-chief of Numéro NL, inside view and experience at MR PORTER.

“MR PORTER is located on the top floor of W Hotel with a remarkable view over the city of Amsterdam. A beautifully designed interior with an exquisite à la carte menu, this restaurant is truly one of the best steakhouse restaurants in the world.

I always like to begin with a starter, my favorite is the sashimi and the ceviche, as well as the zucchini ceviche which is truly unique, never had anything like it. To finish my usual pick is the restaurants’s highlight amazing steak, paired with a very palatable wine from MR PORTER’s exceptional selection.

It’s the perfect spot for either business meetings or a place to going out with friends, always a special experience and I can’t wait to be back!”


The restaurant walks on the border between dinner and sinner with a unique concept that artfully blends qualities of the modern steakhouse with the buzz and experience of a chic lounge. The bar and lounge of MR PORTER is open all day for morning refreshments and late-night drinks. MR PORTER distinguishes itself from other restaurants by emphasizing the social experience and taking a new, vibe-driven approach to fine dining. The resident DJ creates an infectious, high-energy atmosphere, while the sleek surroundings with a signature 360-degree island bar are designed to encourage guests to interact and mingle. Where the nights are vibrant, Sundays are for relaxing as every week ends with an elaborate Sunday Roast brunch. Ultimately, MR PORTER aims to redefine the modern eating experience with its blend of incredible flavors, world-class service and the perfect ambience.

The duality of MR PORTER’s character is represented on the menu of the restaurant. Dishes that are expected to contradict, complement each other beautifully. A rib eye steak becomes exquisitely delicate and lightly roasted vegetables are elevated to a level of explosiveness. Unequalled taste combinations, unparalleled techniques and only the highest quality products enter and leave the open kitchen. This flirty, ambiguous and tasteful cuisine of MR PORTER translates into pure yet intricate dishes. Whilst baking a unique homemade focaccia as a starter and redefining gorgeous seafood- and vegetarian dishes, the luscious selection of meats draws the most attention on the MR PORTER menu. Only the best cuts, the highest quality and the most playful preparations. MR PORTER crafted a menu that skillfully mixes evergreens such as a lady mignon, sirloin steak and –of course- the MR or MRS PORTER signature bone in filet, with ‘fresh meat’ like Chateaubriand with foie gras and the Tomahawk. Allow yourself to be seduced by the selection of sinful desserts that will always leave you wickedly wanting more.

With its 360-degree view on Dam Square and the city lights, the bar of MR PORTER aims to be a gleaming beacon for modern global mixology. Innovative and engaging use of ingredients, methods and service has been at the center of the menu design, as well as the contradicting faces of the city of Amsterdam. The cocktail menu defines what has long been thought of as impossible from behind the bar; illustrated by drinks as the ‘BASILEUS’ a refreshing cocktail, made with fresh basil, Bombay Sapphire gin and lychee liqueur, shaken with lemon juice. The culinary approach to cocktails blurs the traditional lines between bar and kitchen, creating a bar concept like no other. 

MR PORTER is located in the crown of the historic Exchange building and the W hotel in Amsterdam. Through its unique design, central location and fully transparent nature, MR PORTER is a spectacle all by itself. The mansion, located on the 6th floor of W Amsterdam just steps away from the prestigious Dam Square, offers a peek into the kitchen with seats directly situated at the Chefs Table. The catwalk-like entrance and sunny rooftop terrace, highlight the shape-shifting DNA of MR PORTER. It can be light or dark, clandestine or social, classy or naughty – all or none of the above. MR PORTER is a socio-culinary rooftop experience, boasting an iconic vista over the city of Amsterdam. The exceptional setting takes inspiration from the buildings ‘connect and exchange’ heritage moving from an introverted restaurant space, to an extroverted gastronomic event that reaches out and connects with the urban sprawl around it. This duality of personal versus public, of intimate versus open is one of the undercurrents, which defines the MR PORTER experience.

THE ENTOURAGE GROUP is an unrivalled hospitality empire, renowned for creating internationally acclaimed food and beverage concepts across the world. Their wide range of expertise has been cultivated extensively through years of hospitality management, operations and fine dining experience. Owners and founders Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, along with the group’s CEO Stephanie Pearson, inspire THE ENTOURAGE GROUP to continually set the new standard for modern hospitality. The currently owned portfolio includes: MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar (Amsterdam, Ibiza, Manchester and Munich), MR PORTER (Amsterdam and Barcelona), awarded by Michelin THE DUCHESS, Do Not Disturb, THE BUTCHER (The Netherlands, Germany, Spain & United Kingdom), THE BUTCHER Social Club, SHIRKHAN, Toni Loco & ROLADIN Bakery & Café. Due to the success of the group, founder Yossi Eliyahoo was awarded ‘Hospitality Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the prestigious Entrée Hospitality Awards 2015.