Tiffany & Co. announces the With Love, Since 1837 campaign, a celebration of love, craft and heritage. Taking inspiration from legendary Tiffany & Co. window designer Gene Moore, the campaign reveals the untold stories behind the House’s most definitive jewelry collections: Lock, T, Knot, HardWear, Sixteen Stone and the Tiffany® Setting. Shot by award-winning photographer and director Dan Tobin Smith, With Love, Since 1837 modernises a series of vitrines by Gene Moore, whose work has left an indelible mark on the world of window display design. Through imaginative storytelling, the theatrical vignettes prove that love is the beating heart of Tiffany & Co.—the common thread that unites each collection and the jeweler’s illustrious heritage of craftsmanship.

The campaign speaks to the House’s illustrious heritage, telling the origin story of each collection and conferring rich meaning on indelible designs like the Lock bracelet, the Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. Sixteen Stone ring, HardWear jewellery and other important Tiffany & Co. creations. Lock is a timeless icon inspired by a brooch from 1883, for instance, while the HardWear collection’s pure, bold forms reference a Tiffany bracelet from 1962. 

Dan Tobin Smith and award-winning set designer Rachel Thomas created a larger-than-life set for the campaign. Shot in London, the set ranges from miniature to oversized scale models that flow together seamlessly through shifts in perspective. Rather than relying on postproduction effects, the campaign’s complex and intricate illusions were carefully captured on camera with the use of animated projections serving as backdrops and smoke produced on set to create physical clouds. Translating the dramatic compositions of Moore’s windows in Dan Tobin Smith’s modern, sculptural style, which focuses on scale and shifting perspectives, the films and still photography celebrate Tiffany’s heritage from a contemporary perspective.