The Tibi Fall 2023 Collection is directly inspired by the film “Giant” (1956), starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean.

It’s a double inspiration, the first one very literal, as the brand’s campaign recreates some scenes from the movie. The second one is that the collection is also inspired by the film’s wardrobe references: rustic garments with a modern twist.

Shot in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the collection embraces the windy and arid environment of this powerful city. The clothes in the collection offer many possibilities for juxtaposition, and many pieces have removable parts: collars, ties, mini pockets on shoes… So many little magical details that make this collection unique.

We particularly love the trompe-oeil effects operated by the artistic director, Amy Smilovic, present on the jumpsuits, for example. She plays with classic clothes, office-appropriate ones, by adding cool details, creating very specific silhouettes.

Tibi is a women’s ready-to-wear collection designed through the lens of Creative Pragmatism. Each piece communicates along the spectrum of creativity and pragmatism, fostering personal expression that is also functional and wearable.  Founded in 1997 by Amy Smilovic, Tibi delivers an ever-evolving perspective on what clothing should give us, mixing heritage and new on a foundation of a chill, modern, and classic sensibility.

Words by MARIE-PAULINE CESARI @itsjustmp