Renowned for challenging and modernizing timeless uniforms, Thom Browne honored his reputation for his FW24 Couture Show. Referencing the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, the collection channeled the infinite possibilities of a greige toile, where colors don’t intervene and impossible shapes and lines bring an exquisite fantasy to life, Thom Browne style. Using natural, untreated muslin, the designer retraced the whole creative process of fashion, channeling this in-between phase where the final product still has to emerge

“Sculptural works in progress reveal the beauty in the process”. Through the rawness of the materials, Thom Browne recontextualizes classic tailoring to expose intricate layers of work. Hand-basted muslin and canvas achieve shape and structure while asymmetrical hourglass jacket suits create the perfect intricate shaping. Everything is rearranged, strips of muslin are individually stitched to metallic threads, falling from oversized cardigans, implementing endless movement. 

Houndstooth print, transparent mesh and sparkling gold embroideries add a variety of textures to the whole. Stud shoes reminiscent of football attire strut down the runway, bringing a sporty essence to every looks. The grandiose finale channeled a stunning victory, where bronze, silver and gold dressed models climbed a greige podium.