A cultural tour de force, a gala where Music, dance, fashion and heritage come together. The Young Patrons Circle Gala on the 4th of June was a dedication to the future. A gathering of conscious young people who care about bringing the art of Ballet and Opera to a higher level. The night was a tribute that featured the Junior Company of Ballet and the National Opera Studio’s emerging young talents of the future. The Gala kept their program secret up till the moment we sat down, keeping us on our toes by starting the night off with construction workers and some beautiful musical sounds from the orchestra.

A sensational experience where the audience was dazzled by young talents. Goosebumps, pinking away tears and standing ovation. The junior company showcased a mix of different styles. From a magical classical ballet duette. Wearing a magnificent ensemble that includes a traditional wide tutu. To modern ballet with raw emotion, dressed surprisingly in skinny jeans. Not to stop tearing up about the grandiose performances that all of the Opera singers gave us. Men and women are beautifully dressed up wearing costumes in all colours and textures. Adding to the magic that was their voice, stringing along with notes, words and emotions traping the audience in a breathless embrace.