The Volley, VEJA’s first style ever launched, took inspiration from the ’70s Brazilian volleyball shoes. Now, it’s back and better than ever with a striking new look.

Back in 2005, VEJA launched the Volley at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, selling 5,000 pairs. From then on, we’ve added more styles and sold over 14 million pairs worldwide. Both founders had no experience in the sneaker industry. They succeeded without spending on advertising by focusing on deconstructing and investing in a fair supply chain.

VEJA steps further than a simple fashion accessory, but also achieves the quest for sustainability.  Invested in creating a different way of producing sneakers with a positive impact, the brand successfully takes you back in time and offers a contemporary choice for the conscious consumers.

The VOLLEY comes in 9 different colour combinations: dark blue, red, brown, black, baby blue, green, beige, and white.

The shoe is made of organic cotton, natural rubber, O.T. leather (Organic Traced Leather) and suede from 100% organic certified farms in Uruguay.