The Vivienne Foundation is launched to honour, protect and continue the legacy of Vivienne’s life and activism.

The Vivienne Foundation, a not for profit company founded by Vivienne in 2019, exists to create a better world and implement Vivienne’s plans. Built upon Four pillars of Change: Halt Climate Change, Stop War, Defend Human Rights and Protest Capitalism, the Foundation’s goal is to work with NGO’s and individuals to raise awareness and create tangible change across these pillars:

Halt Climate

Change Halt climate change is our priority. We are in a climate crisis and if the status quo persists we face mass extinction. We are fighting to cut emissions, whilst protecting and restoring biodiversity and wildlife.

Stop War

We exist within a war economy that profits from death and destruction. We stand against war and the arms trade, whilst supporting those most impacted by its devastation.

Defend Human Rights

Free speech threatens the global status quo. Governments oppress free speech to conceal their corruption. We seek to protect human rights, freedom of speech and those who defend them.

Protest Capitalism

Capitalism is the root cause of all our problems. It is a system in which politics, finance and law are corrupted into one totalitarian matrix. We are working towards a more equal and green economy.

“STOP Climate Change. This is a fight for the very existence of the human race. And that of the planet. The most important weapon we have is public opinion. Become a freedom fighter” ~ Vivienne Westwood