On Friday 29 July, a brand new edition of the iconic Vincent on Friday evenings is on the agenda, where young tastemakers come together in Amsterdam. The upcoming edition is in collaboration with film club and film pass: Cineville.

The programming of Vincent on Friday is always inspired by the life and/or work of Vincent Van Gogh. Now it’s all about the current exhibition: Color as Language. In this exhibition you will be introduced to the paintings of Lebanese-American queer artist Etel Adnan.

Vincent op Vrijdag and Cineville therefore devised a program together based on the meaning of color. Not only the colors in the work of Van Gogh and Adnan, but also the role of color in films is discussed. The result is an evening with a lot of queerness, creativity and colour. We couldn’t wish for a better start to the Pride.

Vincent on Friday x Cineville takes place on 29 July from 6 pm to 11 pm at the Van Gogh Museum. Tickets are available here for €10. Students, CJP, Museum card and Cineville pass holders receive a € 2.50 discount.

Shorts, movies and movie talk

Cineville shows three shorts by young Dutch makers. The International Queer & Migrant Film Festival screens the documentary The Art of Sin by Ibrahim Mursal and twice presents the live performance There Are Still Flowers That Will Endlessly Grow by Anto López Espinosa and Mini Maxwell (Queer Is Not a Manifesto). Discover the role color plays in film in the panel discussion ‘Colour in film’ with colorist Judy Steenman and animator Robert Jonathan-Koeyers.

Odes to color

In Taal als Kleur you will meet queer writer, poet and artist Etel Adnan. The bright, bold colors are the first thing you notice when you look at Etel Adnan’s work.

Adnan had great admiration for Vincent van Gogh, with whom she shared a love for nature and color. During Vincent op Vrijdag x Cineville, the experience of Language as Color is made even richer by live poetry by the first LGBTQ+ and feminist platform Unwanted Words, which give promising poets and Spoken Word artists a stage. Wander around the works of Etal Adnan and listen to color odes from different filmmakers about their favorite color.

KLAUW plays in the Van Gogh Museum

POC & QUEER collective KLAUW from Rotterdam will play deconstructed club, house, hyper pop and jungle during Vincent op Friday x Cineville from the speakers all evening. In short: come because it will be an evening full of film, color, dance, creativity and queerness.