Plinius has been dreamed up by an eclectic group of friends who share a deep interest and passion for undiscovered places in Italy with a story. Throughout the years, after they having shared their discoveries with friends, now they have decided to share it with the public on their new platform

On their platform, they collect luxury homes with a story. All villas have been hand-picked and personally chosen by the Plinius team. The team always visits the properties, explores the area, discovers daily life and connects with locals. Plinius is your best local friend and your local’s best friend. Plinius would like to invite you to become part of their community of like-minded and engaged travellers and explore the world in a slower, more conscious way. 

Shari Wijnhoud, the founding member of Plinius, shot by Emma Peijnenburg

Plinius have collected around 50 beautiful properties now. Number 009 in Umbria, an award-winning olive farm, is an exclusive supplier of the Bvlgari hotels. The villa is truly a magical place that brings the urban soul back to nature. Making this place available to the general public is a generous gift, a small act of love.

The owners’ philosophy is to be one with nature and encourage a slower type of living by finding time to read, swim, meditate, and to discover local farmers markets and local artisans. Plinius always works together with locals to make sure their clients have the most peaceful and authentic Italian experiences. Plinius offers an exclusive portfolio of meticulously curated holiday villas, providing a gateway to an enchanting retreat that combines the comfort of modern amenities with the allure of Italy’s rich cultural heritage.

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