Interview by Anano Shalamberidze

The Spanish jewelry brand updates its brand image and creates its most iconic collection in the midst of its international expansion.

TwoJeys is reborn and pushes its universe to another level, reaffirming being the solution that most men are looking for. By its new logo and its new visual communication, the brand shows its true spirit: real, emotional, and spontaneous.
After these years, the brand, and their community as well, has grown and evolved.

“Now it’s the moment to make a solid step and build a communication more related with our lifestyle” states Biel Juste and Joan Margarit, founders of TwoJeys, “without losing the focus in our mission, clear form the beginning: disrupt the jewelry industry”.

Numéro spoke with Biel and Joan, TwoJey’s founders, about this new exciting chapter:

Biel and Joan, you have built TwoJeys from the ground up, quickly gaining international recognition. How would you say your work has changed from the conception of the brand until now?

Since we started, a lot has changed… Imagine we have gone from being just the two of us, thinking, designing, and creating, to being a team of more than 20 people. Now we have experts for each area that help us to achieve everything we had in mind and more. 

We have heard that everyone’s favorite jewellery brand is planning a rebrand, which has been launched today. What are your reasons for taking this step?

We wanted to take a firm step and build communication more in line with our disruptive, spontaneous, and free lifestyle. In the same way that our community has evolved, so have we. Thus, we have felt the need to create a new identity that represents us as we are now, without ever losing our essence or the focus of our mission, clear from minute: to disrupt the jewelry sector by offering the solution that most men are looking for and can’t find. 

What will the new TwoJeys identity look like, both visually and in terms of brand values?

The new TwoJeys identity is influenced by pop and urban culture references, art and folk-pop icons. We wanted to express TwoJeys’ unique energy and true spirit through our new logo, the two stars, an icon that you will not stop seeing everywhere.

Would you say this redefinition will resonate with already loyal customers and why?

We believe this rebranding will come as a surprise to most. However, once it comes out, we are sure that people will easily identify the new communications with the TwoJeys essence.

Can you give us a sneak preview of any exciting projects for this year?

For now, we can reveal that we will be opening several pop-ups in Europe, some physical shops and some very daring collections.

The collection will be available on the TwoJeys website on Tuesday 28th at 9PM.