The essence, the essential. Purity, simplicity, directness. 

The Summer-Fall 2023 collection by Pieter Mulier is an exploration of the meaning of Alaïa, its anatomy, its psychology, its soul.

The French word maison can describe both house, and home – the physical, and the psychological. Home is a vital component to Alaïa, a true Maison. In reflection of this notion, Pieter Mulier invites an audience into his own maison in Antwerp, a reciprocal exchange after shows within the home of Alaïa in Paris. The space, like the clothes, is intimate, personal. It is built for life, it is alive

The curvilinear, a shape traced by Alaïa, is universal, translated into garments and accessories alike. Precise and yet natural, the curve is a line of innate sensuality, the quintessence of the female. Throughout, there are memories and reminders – garments as mnemonic gestures to the identity of Alaïa. A history traced through cloth, encompassing references preceding and within the universe of the house, echoing its past, suggesting its future.