Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial is the very first champagne made specifically for drinking with ice and has made champagne the summer drink of choice.

Moët & Chandon is the largest and most famous champagne house in the world. Every second a bottle of Moët Impérial Brut pops open somewhere. But few people know that Moët & Chandon is also the most innovative house. A few years ago Moët & Chandon came up with a new champagne that turned the normally rather conservative champagne world upside down: a champagne that is specially made to be drunk with ice. Since then, more houses have copied the idea of champagne with ice, but Moët Ice is by far the most popular summer champagne.

Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave of Moët & Chandon came up with the brilliant idea for Moët Ice when he was in Saint Tropez with his family and all around him he saw people drinking ‘his’ Brut Imperial with cubes of ice. It’s a crying shame’, was his first reaction, because the refined taste is lost in the process. But somewhere he understood that champagne was drunk as a stylish and cooling summer drink and his creative brain started to rattle. Once back in the cellars of Epernay, he began to develop a special champagne that is just right for drinking with ice. With flavors so full and powerful, they stand proud when three cubes of ice are added.

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial is a fresh summer champagne. The color is deep gold with a cheerful glint of amber. The champagne has an aroma of tropical fruit, juicy nectarines and a hint of raspberry. Ice Impérial combines roundness and freshness. A broad, firm flavor that resembles a fresh fruit salad. An enchanting sweetness of caramel and quince jelly, a refreshing acidity of notes of grapefruit and ginger. The stylish, white lacquered bottle with black and gold decoration is an homage to Saint-Tropez. Moët Ice Impérial has made champagne the ultimate summer drink.

Champagne has never been as popular as it is now. Never before have so many bottles of champagne been uncorked in the Netherlands as in the past year. More and more people are drinking champagne to celebrate life’s big and small moments. Not only at the end of the year, but also during the warm summer months.

By adding three ice cubes and fresh garnish to Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial you have a seductive summer cocktail in no time. Use a large glass instead of a flûte, so that there is enough room for the ice and possibly the garnish. Which one you choose will depend on your taste, but you can think of lime, cucumber, red fruit, mint or ginger. There is also a rosé variant of this summer champagne.