Fashion designers Bloni, Margn, Summer Somewhere and Ituvana plus jewel creator Anatina join the road of the closet. Prarthana Singh and Vidhi Malkan make you discover their art.

The Silk Road Paris, launched in April 2023 with a mission to curate ethical premium luxury rooted in traditional craftsmanship, proudly unveils its latest stride in promoting cultural fusion and creativity. Next to current Bodice, Papa Don’t Preach, Jatin Malik Couture and Bhavya Ramesh come 4 new Indian brands and 2 artist collections. The first European platform to highlight craftmanship and ethical South-Asian fashion continues its journey of connecting discerning European audiences with the essence of traditional artistic diversity from South Asia.

  • Bloni the fashion house articulates its design diversity through gender agnosticism and future thinking.
  • Summer Somewhere defines the artistic pursuit of endless summer.
  • Anatina glimmers as an 18k gold jewelry, community-led, sustainable brand, an opulent expression of elegance and craftsmanship.
  • Ituvana graces the collection with perfect silhouetted dresses, a blend of artistry and allure.
  • Margn explores a wide variety of unconventional or informal cultures, represented through symbolism and repetition.

In addition to these brands, The Silk Road Paris proudly presents two remarkable artist collections. Prarthna Singh, a photographer and visual artist, adds a new dimension to the platform’s artistic curation. Also, the collaboration between Kissa Goi and Vidhi Malkan presents an extraordinary collection of embroidery artwork.

“The Silk Road Paris is dedicated to nurturing creativity, fostering ethical practices, and embracing cultural exchange,” says co-founder Yamini Banker. “Our collaboration with these new creators exemplifies our commitment to offering Europe a spectrum of exceptional luxury fashion rooted in traditional craftsmanship and artistic expression.” As we expand our offerings, The Silk Road Paris continues to champion unique narratives, embodying the essence of a culturally vibrant design landscape. The goal is not only to provide a selling space to brands in our countries, it’s to show them and make them shine for what they are and the depth of their work. Additionally, The Silk Road Paris is thrilled to announce the opening of an appointment-only studio in late September, further enhancing the personalized experience for their valued clientele.