Words by Marie-Pauline Cesari

Stepping into The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza, felt like entering a hidden sanctuary within the bustling streets of Tokyo.

As we explored its corridors, we couldn’t help but appreciate the thoughtful design of the place, blending traditional Japanese elements with modern aesthetics.

The Lobby Bar, with its locally sourced coffee beans and cozy ambiance, became our favorite spot to unwind and indulge in quiet moments. The scent and taste linger, creating an intimate refuge.

Punch Room offered a unique experience, transporting us to another era with its 19th-century London-inspired charm. Sipping on carefully crafted cocktails from silver punch bowls felt like a journey through time, a moment to savor amidst the fast-paced city life.

Sophie at EDITION on the 14th floor was a culinary delight, showcasing the rich flavors and seasonal ingredients of Japanese cuisine. Each dish felt like a work of art, a reflection of the vibrant culture and culinary traditions of Japan.

The Roof, with its lush greenery and panoramic views of Ginza, provided a serene escape from the urban landscape below.

“It was a place to pause, to breathe, for appreciating the beauty of Tokyo from a different perspective. The perfect harmony between tradition and innovation, where every corner tells a story – a haven in the heart of Tokyo.”

Timotej Letonja