The Saddler’s Spring-Summer 2023 Collection unleashes a sense of courage and audacity. These feelings are represented by women that love challenges and traveling to new places with no fear. They leave a permanent mark wherever they go and in whomever they touch.

Picture Carmen, a spirit called by the voice of the wind, the journey of a mysterious fortuneteller who digs into the souls of the eyes she crosses, or perhaps a muse who fears nothing, eager to express her sexuality and whom, after putting on a pair of blue Wayfarers, transforms into Patricia Arquette as Alabama Withman in True Romance adding her new persona to Carmen’s secret seduction techniques. In the film, Tarantino provides just enough elements of seduction when she spills popcorn and they fall in love, driving across the country in a Cadillac from Detroit to LA and, later, escaping to Mexico. An escape plan that speaks of love and searches for freedom with no fear whatsoever.

This is the context in which The Saddler found its rebellious inspiration for its collection. It chose to follow this enigmatic mistress of destiny as she wanders across the seemingly aimless deserts of Texas with her weapons of pure sensuality and vitality, which energize the journey with the styles that tell the story step by step.

A collection that rebels against symmetrical boredom, revealing seductive cuts and laces decorated with beads that are suspended along intertwined threads.

The use of new materials, prints and embellishments has given rise to an extremely varied range of sandals, heels, boots and platforms.

The El Paso sandal, with a woven raffia sole and laces decorated with colored beads, Malibu, flip-flops with a slight platform.

Two practical heel styles presented are Wayne, an asymmetrical cut mule, and Mallory, a sandal with hand-woven laces and beads.

There is no shortage of the iconic Tex and Dirty Martini in brand new materials, and with this iconic shape there is the new Lil, a sinuous sandal with provocative, like corset, lacing and beads.

The emblematic light plateau is re-proposed: Cosmo, in the version with or without laces.

The Ride or Die boot and the Carmen & Coyote styles are reissued with a sturdy metal buckle that takes us back to Tarantino’s western world.

The Saddler’s 2023 Spring-Summer collection is daring, sensual and unforgettable.