It is designed for a woman who knows who she is and doesn’t let different circumstances blunt her sense of self. She loves herself. She is her first source of pride.

Carmen continues the journey of The Saddler, and after leaving her Cadillac in the Mexican desert, sets out for Los Angeles, where she still needs to settle a matter.

As the fortuneteller’s crystal ball clears the fog some images emerge, becoming clearer and clearer.

Downtown. 12:00 AM. A python boot unhinges the front door of a courtroom as the sun beats down on the courthouse walls. Following a roar, silence is broken only by heel noise. Carmen has transformed into Erin Brockovich and is about to stand at the counter with a walk that is as sexy as it is brutal. Her irreverent strength immediately conquers the souls and hearts of everyone present, making them slaves of her seductive power.

She doesn’t need a cause, she fights to fight, because she knows she can win. She’s not accommodating, she can’t suffer; she defends her ideals with claws, clinging to a golden belt that it could hide fatal weapons.

Alongside Carmen, modelled in a futuristic metal, and the rebellious new-born Django, new stories are ready to imprint themselves in our minds.

We find Bonnie and Clyde – boots full of the adrenaline of a theft and the security of an eternal bond: a knee-high boot, also presented with aesthetic laces on the side, and a tubo bootie in black leather and with a dark turquoise crocodile print.

Saddle and Coyote – to never forget that canyon where the echo of the wind began to pronounce the name of our muse – an infra-mule designed on the object that carry its name and our pump, also available in a, even more provocative, lace version.

Our elegant, yet deceptively sandal, Erin, decorated with two central buckles, and a memento of the lifestyle undertaken, the Ride or Die boots: from equestrian origin to make the city become your saloon.

Our Tex, now an iconic mule, finds space in a color mutation, reaching psychedelic tones in its Tiger Satin and Special Python versions.

The Saddler FW 23-24 is the raw, tough and impertinent statement of who you are.

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